Dementia Care Homes for Challenging Behaviour

Park House Care Home offers high-quality nursing and is ideal for those families looking for Dementia care homes for challenging behaviour. The latter stages of Dementia are different for everybody, however a person with advanced Dementia is likely to experience severe memory loss, problems with communication, daily activity challenges, with greater changes in behaviour and physical problems.

At this stage, families will need to know that their relatives are being looked after in a home that understands these complex needs and can help their loved ones manage them while still living as full a life as possible.

Advancing dementia care: relocating from other care homes

Here at Park House, we offer advanced Dementia care with many of our residents coming to us from care homes that are unable to support their advancing needs any longer.

Dementia Care homes in Shropshire - supporting those with complex needs

Our highly trained and experienced care team provide specialist Dementia care in a calm and caring environment. We understand that sometimes residents with advanced dementia will display challenging behaviours, including aggression, and are well equipped to support this. For people with Dementia, care homes play an important role in offering expert care and support for both residents and their families.

Dementia care plans

Here at Park House, we develop and maintain very detailed person-centred care plans that are implemented effectively through our use of the Nourish platform. Nourish is an incredibly advanced next-generation care management system that has the ability to plan, record, report and co-ordinate care ‘on the go’ 24 hours a day to ensure that each resident receives first-rate care and support tailored to their specific needs. However, the key to Park House’s excellent reputation is the way our very experienced care team work with resident’s and their families to identify how to meet each and every resident’s very individual care needs and wishes and maximise the quality of life for all residents.

Activities for residents with advanced dementia

For those residents who are able, we have many activities tailored to specific needs, including gardening which has proven to be very effective for people living with dementia. With staff support and secure grounds, residents are able to walk around safely and freely or simply sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and sounds of the countryside.

Residents also enjoy growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs in our greenhouse and herb garden.

gardening for dementia

Our daily activities are person-focused and aimed at further enhancing the strengths and wellbeing of each individual resident. As a resident’s journey evolves over time so will their ability to carry out and enjoy different activities, so at Park House, we constantly review our programme to ensure that all of our residents are getting the most out of their lives with us.

What other families have said about Park House

Supporting someone with Dementia is very difficult for families, and making the decision to get them the care and help they need can be upsetting. At Park House, we have guided many families through this process and settled their loved ones into our home and in the process reduced or even removed much of their anxiety.

Below are some of the comments that people in a similar position needing Dementia care homes for challenging behaviour have made after choosing us:

My dad who suffers from dementia went into Park House nursing home in January 2018 after being in 2 nursing homes that could not “cope” with his needs. He was very poorly when he went into Park House, he had not eaten or drunk properly for weeks and he was extremely anxious and confused. As the weeks have gone by, he is so much better, he has gained weight, so much calmer and settled in himself. The manager and staff are wonderful and have made a very difficult and heartbreaking experience easier to cope with. Nothing is too much trouble for them and the atmosphere at the home is like one big family. A big thank you to them all.

Jane C

My father was a resident at Park House for almost 6 years. In that time he was very well cared for considering his way with people. I visited every week and found the home to be cheerful, bright and clean and always smelling sweet. Throughout his stay, he was under the impression he was in a hotel and treated the staff accordingly. He was treated with respect and dignity even though he was a cantankerous old man. He lived until a few days short of his 98th Birthday and that was mainly thanks to the love and care of the staff, to whom I will always be grateful for making his last years happy. I miss my visits to the home and seeing the wonderful staff there.


If you are supporting a family member with advancing dementia and feel you need to look for Dementia care homes for challenging behaviour then we are here to help and support you, whether you are moving a loved one into care for the first time or from another home struggling to support their complex needs.

To book a visit or find out more information please get in contact with us or call our manager Ruth on 01299 841 262.

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