Wellbeing and activities

Park House Private Care Home offers specialist and expert care in a calm and caring environment. We are passionate about providing the best quality care that helps improve well-being.

Our daily activities are person-focused and aimed at further enhancing the strengths and wellbeing of each individual resident. Our full-time Activity Coordinator works with our residents’ families to create personalised and specialist activities that are aimed at supporting health.

Supporting health and happiness

We provide a wide range of activities that are based on the likes and interests of our residents. Activities are specialist to each individual’s needs and requirements and are aimed at further enhancing their health, happiness and overall well-being. Our daily activities include laughter yoga, exercise programs, puzzles, arts and crafts, gardening, and more.

Sharing memories

We are a popular choice for Dementia Care Homes in Shropshire due to the exceptional quality specialist Dementia care we provide. We use specialist activities and games that are aimed at improving memory retention and connecting with others. One of our most popular memory retention games is called ‘What’s in the box?’. The game involves exploring and discussing different items of memorabilia in order to promote cognitive processing and stimulation.

Additionally, we also encourage residents to share their likes, dislikes, and hobbies. Our fantastic Activity Coordinator then uses this information to create future activities and games that are both fun and engaging.

Personalised care services

We work alongside our residents’ families to create personalised care plans that are specific to each resident’s needs, requirements, likes, and interests. Our personalised care plans help to ensure that each resident receives specialist person-centred care that is of the highest quality.

Our highly professional care team review all care plans on a monthly basis and care plans are updated whenever a change takes place. By doing this, we are able to certify that residents receive first-rate care and support that is always reflective of their individual requirements.

We have a close partnership with community healthcare professionals including local GPs, speech and language therapists, and psychiatric nurses. We also hold a GP clinic that runs every Thursday at Park House which allows residents to see the same doctor each week without travelling to externally.

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