Care Home Fees

When it comes to care home fees, Park House aims to be one of the most transparent and helpful care homes Bewdley can offer. We recognise that paying for care can often be challenging. This is why we provide support and advice to residents and their families so that we can make things as clear and simple as possible.

At Park House, there are three main ways in which fees can be paid –

  1. The fees are paid in full by the resident’s Local Authority
  2. The resident’s family pay a ‘top-up’ in addition to the Local Authority fees their relative receives
  3. The fees are solely privately funded

We understand that a resident’s financial situation can change quickly and with little warning. We are committed to doing everything possible to support families in this situation and to ensure that residents can continue to remain at Park House.

We are open and transparent in all matters including finances and we try as far as possible to make our fees cover all elements of the following:


Our accommodation includes:

  • All furniture (although residents can bring their own)
  • Bedding and towels
  • Heat, light and power
  • Cleaning of resident’s room and communal areas
  • Washing of clothes and bedding (excluding dry cleaning)
  • Maintenance of gardens and property content


Our care costs include:

  • All personal care
  • Administration of medications
  • All drinks and food including snacks – for example, if a resident would like wine with a meal, then this can be provided
  • Administration including the preparation, reviewing and updating of resident’s records including their care plan and liaison with healthcare and Social Services professionals
  • All ‘in-house’ activities including visiting entertainers

Whilst we try and include as much as possible within the accommodation and care fees, there are some items and services which vary according to a resident’s wishes and are therefore charged separately. Some of these items and services include:

  • Hairdressing, chiropody, optician, beauticians
  • Magazines/newspapers
  • Personal toiletries and items such as cigarettes etc
  • Clothes
  • Dry cleaning
  • Some external visits/trips
  • For privately funded residents, some specialist items of furniture or other specialist equipment (when possible we will get these on loan from a Local Authority)

Our fees are calculated based on two factors; accommodation costs and the cost of care.


These costs are dependent on the size and location of a room as well as the facilities in the room. We have a wide variety of rooms to suit all needs including:

  • single rooms without an ensuite (all have a washbasin)
  • single rooms with an en-suite, washbasin and toilet
  • rooms with a full bathroom or private wet room
  • large-sized rooms ideal for married couples and/or being furnished as a bed-sitting room

All of our rooms are decorated and furnished to a high standard and residents are able to personalise them with small furniture, ornaments and more.

Cost of care

These costs are dependent on the resident’s individual needs and requirements. For example, a resident who has poor mobility will require more support than an independently mobile resident. All fees can be discussed with our care home manager and will be reflective of the resident’s personal needs.

Fees start from £1650 per week (nursing) and vary depending on a resident’s specific care needs.

Fees are charged on a monthly basis and paid in advance (preferably by standing order). On admission, we do request that fees are paid up to the end of the month of admission, and, if admission is after the 15th of a month, we request that the fees for the next calendar month are paid at the same time.

Any additional charges (for example, hairdresser, beautician, etc) will be invoiced monthly in arrears.

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